Our mission

The 'Terahertz Technology Forum' was founded on October 1, 2003 in order to provide a conduit by which new 'wisdom' from global research may be consolidated. It is our ambition that our forum may be Japan's first to disseminate advanced research information; useful in the development of new industrial potentials worldwide.

Since the inception of Terahertz Technology Forum, and with the support of many researchers, technicians and others responsible for development of technology, we have actively facilitated investments into this research and the free exchange of research information between those researchers who share this commitment.

The Terahertz Technology Forum is wholly dedicated to the research and development of new technologies for the generation, detection, and control of terahertz waves (t-waves) and the applications which utilize the uniques properties of energies in the terahertz bandwidth region (0.1~100THz).

Towards this ambitious end, the Terahertz Technology Forum's mission is to actively foster involvement and rapid advancement in Terahertz technolgies by means of the following:

1. Provide a point of focus and of cooperative collaboration for researchers industries, and other involved parties.

2. Provide a central means by which current research may be collated and more easily and rapidly disseminated to the research community.

3. Annual expositions where those completing advanced studies may present their findings directly to the peer community as well as network with others performing similar research.

4. Serving as a convenient repository for significant publications and/or abstracts related to terahertz research and development.

Through participation in - as well as service to the research community - together we have the ability to place terahertz technologies at the forefront of modern optical research and development.

If you are a researcher who is actively working in the field of terahertz energies, or if you represent a company whose industrial interests lie with fostering developing technologies in the field, consider joining with us to support this forum in our above-stated mission.

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